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Google Surveys – What a great way to validate an idea.

I got a coupon to try a free Google survey the other day. Google allows you to submit one question for 10 cents per answer. You can choose the type of your question and get 500 answers for $50. Seems like a way better way than asking friends about your business idea. It breaks down demographics(gender, age, urban, rural) etc. Of course it’s not the same as getting real customers to pull cash out and buy what your selling, but why send thousands of dollars building out a landing page, ads, etc. if your survey tells you the idea isn’t going to work. It’s got some limitations. It costs whole more for more than one question and if you want to add a qualifying question there is a lot more cost  as well. But, if you have an idea with general appeal it could be a good first step. Here’s a link for $75 off.

Google Consumer Survey